Monday, September 16, 2013

The Rock

I started out to build a house of my dreams
On life's shifting sands. 
With no thought of the wind, or the rains that would come,
With haste, I began. 
I gathered pleasures of every kind, every thrill that I could find,
Till, at last, the house of my dreams was finally done. 

I was so proud of the house that I had built, 
I wanted all to see. 
Just what I had made out of my life, 
It looked so good to me. 
Until one day when the rains began, 
From my house I quickly ran. 
In time to see my shattered dreams fall to the sand. 

So now I'm building again, but not as before
My foolish dreams are all gone. 
I found it's not so important the house that you build,
But what your build it upon.
And now I found me a Rock that's sure,
It shall forever more endure. 
Through every storm of life I'm sheltered,
Safe and secure. 

And now I'm building on the Rock,
Upon the Solid Rock. 
The Rock that shall forever more endure. 
So let the storm clouds rise, 
The strong winds blow. 
Let the rains come and go. 
For in Jesus I am safe,
In Jesus I am safe,
For in Jesus I am safe,


  1. God's timing is always perfect. Today an old cherished friend told me that her Mother had passed on Monday night. Together,she and I have searched for years the words to this song as it is a favorite of mine. Today, it was found. Coincidence? I think not. It is all a part of God's marvelous plan. Praise HIS holy name!

    1. I'm glad that God was able to use me!!

  2. I have been looking for these lyrics for several years. Thank you so much for posting them!!


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