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Welcome to "A Daughter of the King". My name is Sarah Covey. My blog title describes me to the 'T'!  I am fully and totally a Daughter of the Heavenly King! Anyway, I'm so excited that you stopped by my little corner of cyberspace.  
This picture was taken by my epic best friend during my first year at college. 
The main purpose of my blog is to be an encouragement to Christian young ladies.  I have male followers and such, and I enjoy having them just as much as the 'young ladies' but I fear they don't get as much from my blog! 

         Fun Facts About Me! 

  • I am Baptist through and through!  I've been raised in a Baptist church my entire life, and have long since formed my own Baptist beliefs! 
  • I am 20 years old, my birthday is November 17th!  When my mom was expecting me, she was due on October 27, it took me a little longer to prepare for this world :) 
  • I am the only girl, surrounded by four brothers.  Always protected! :) Sean is 24, Luke is 18, Dakota is 14, and Hunter is 11.  
  • My passion is music!  I love playing the piano both at home for my own enjoyment and at church!  I have been playing at my church since I was 13.  I am now teaching five students, they are doing wonderfully!  I also enjoy singing.
  • I live in a small town in the middle of America's high-five state, Michigan!
  • We have a black Labrador and a parakeet!  
  • On top of my piano students I tutor a Fifth grader and do some house-cleaning jobs on the weekend.  I am always looking for more jobs that I can do 'out of the home'. 
  • I am currently waiting for my Mr. Right to introduce himself to me! :)  I get easily annoyed and uncomfortable when people try to set me up.  God's going to write my love story!
  • I attend Northwoods Baptist Church and am starting my own bus route and enjoy working in a Sunday School class, Nursery, and you'll often find my pounding away at my baby grand piano in the auditorium!  
  • I was graduated high school in 2011 when I was 17 years old.  I studied Sacred Music at Fairhaven Baptist College for a year and a half before God led me to come home.  
  • I was saved at a Baptist Camp in 2007!  I've never regretted that moment and God has changed my life! 

This is a picture of me with my three younger brothers.  I am shorter than all of them except Hunter and he's slowly creeping up on me!

              New to my blog?? 
You can read more about what I believe in this post: What I Believe
My pet peeve is courtship, you can read all my posts on that topic here: Courtship

Again, thanks so much for stopping by!  Please leave me a comment letting me know :) 


  1. Dear Sarah, my name is Jarrod Grabham and I am 19 years old. I am a Christian and live in Australia.
    It was interesting to read your blogs. You are a very spiritual girl. In Australia these can be hard to come by! People are very naturally minded, arent concerned about the deep and meaningful of life.

    So, I love playing the piano too! It is one of my favourite passtimes. Next month Im going around Asia and Europe to visit missionaries from our church. We have no other name but Christian, becuase Jesus gave no other name to his disciples. So, just a question, do you believe God is 3 or 1?

    Well nice chatting...see ya!

    We can converse with my email jarrodgrabham@hotmail.com

  2. so nice to "meet" you, Sarah. I've enjoyed reading some of your blog lately. God bless.


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