Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why "A Daughter Of The King"?

I'm a little bored tonight, and also a little lazy=D!! So, instead of doing those pictures, I thought that I'd do a quick post about why I chose " A Daughter Of The King" as my blog title, and prov 31-all my days, as my url.

Anybody, who has some knowledge in Hebrew, might know that Sarah means princess, and anybody who knows anything about the Bible, will know that any saved person is a child of The King. So when my mom started her blog, and there was talk about starting my own blog ~eventually~ (jk), I had been playing with figuring out something like that. It took my awhile to finally figure it out, but I'm quiet content with the title I (w/ my mom's help) came up with!!

About the url, I had recently been struck with the verse in Proverbs about (not quoting) "she shall do her husband good, all the days of her life." Actually, I had spent the night with my friend and she showed it to me. Many girls overlook that, just thinking that a virtuous women, when she gets married, will be good to her husband. But it says ALL THE DAYS OF HER LIFE, all the days of her life!!!

Any way, I'm done rambling; about that, now I'll ramble about my weekend. Last night I went over to Colleen's house, and we had a girl's only get together. There were 5 of us, Colleen S., Grace and Rachel C., Katie F. and me!!! We had a delicious dinner, and then we played a whole lot of games!! Boggle, Catch Phrase, Twister, and Curses (don't worry, it's not what it sounds like. I'll explain when I post the pictures later!!) Grace and Rachel had to leave around 8, because Grace had to work in the morning, and Katie, Colleen, and I played some more games, and watched a movie. Well, I watched a movie, Colleen and Katie watched part of a movie!!! It was over by 12, and I did go to sleep!!!

Then, in the morning, the fun really came, Katie woke up and informed Colleen and I that I laugh in my sleep. Which I do not! I perfectly remember laughing, what I was laughing about is a total blank to me, but I do remember laughing; and thinking "OHHHHH Katie's gonna think I'm sooooo weird!!!!"

~haha~ "Thanks for the memories"

OK, good night!

This is what I look like after a weekend at Colleen's house!!!!! =D


  1. Haha! :D Sounds like you had fun. ;)
    Hey, at least you don't TALK and LAUGH in your sleep! Haha! (I do, well so my siblings tell me :) )

  2. Well, hopefully I don't!! Maybe no one has ever told me :-/!!!


  3. By the way, will you please pray for my friend Zara?(Who is now following your blog) She's having surgery March 4th(This Wednesday). Thanks!
    God bless,


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