Thursday, June 3, 2010


Okay, these are from 2 weeks ago. We had lots of fun, but it was the Sunday my friends left :(!!!!!

This is Bailey, with her Entourage

There is a story behind these next two!!

A group of ladies from our church, went to Salvation Army Thrift Store for their 5 for 5$ sale. Colleen, somehow, found this shirt, and decided to buy it as a joke. So Sunday after church we put it on the back of Josh S.'s truck. It was funny to watch his brothers come out and see it. In the mean time, we all went inside to eat, and we were like sitting in the back at the "cool" table, and we saw Josh starting to walk outside, so we all like run to the front door, and the dude doesn't even see it! ahhh!!! So we all go back to finish eating. Then the jerk (jk) starts going outside again. So we all started to run to the door again. So he finally saw it, it was sooooo hilarious!!!!!

here's Rachel trying to drink ultra-thick smoothies through a straw!1

and... Rachel and I have an obsession with taking pictures of our feet!! I know, weird!!!

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