Monday, December 20, 2010

A Couple Of Things...

This Sunday was our Annual Christmas Program. It went GREAT, comparatively ;) Here are a couple of pictures:

The girls: Kyleigh, Riley, Kayla, and Katie

The young kids and the boys: Angel, Skylar, Elizabeth, Jasmine, Marissa, Bailey, Andy, Allen, Ethan, Hunter, James, Dakota, Collin, Bailey, Carter and Conner.


AND...... Way to go Colleen!!! As official last Sunday, her and Josh started their courtship :):)

Here is a picture, Grace and Rachel, Josh's gma got a photo shoot, and I snuck in. I could only get one, my memory card was full.


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  1. courtship is the right way! My friend courted and was married two years ago- I was in the wedding. In an Aug or september post i put up wedding pictures of a friend who courted.


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