Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm Blessed...

Each day that I live, He gives more than I need 
and I could never describe His goodness to me 
if you ask how I make day after day 
there is only one thing I can say 

its been a long journey but I have been blessed 
walking with Jesus, I have no regrets 
He is so good to me and I must confess 
the way has been long but I'm blessed 

All that I need I find at his feet 
when I'm hungry he feeds me with manna so sweet 
when my soul is weary he sends peace and rest 
and all I can say is I'm blessed 

Now I've had my share of sunshine and rain 
days filled with laughter and nights filled with pain 
but with every mile as I travel this way 
the journey gets sweeter each day 

        so much more than I ever deserve 
        he's been faithfully keeping His word 
        I've been cleansed by the hand of the Lord 

I'm blessed, I'm blessed, I'm blessed 

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