Sunday, August 5, 2012

Now then...

Well, now that my trip and all it's pictures are posted... what's been going on at the homefront?  Well... my mom has OFFICIALLY turned in a 2 month's notice... they will be moving in October... So, what does that do for me? Well... I get to get a head start on packing for school! I want to have my room packed and ready for the move before I leave, so yesterday I started going through my clothes and school stuff... I'm shocked with the pile of clothes that I'm getting rid of, and more shocked with how many clothes I still have, lol! My mom has been cleaning out the garage and going through the boys clothes.  
Tonight we're having a birthday part at church for one of the girls who just turned 21.  Then I spend the rest of the week working, packing and all that fun stuff.  Sunday after morning service, we're going to drive up to NBC for the evening service, and then Monday morning the boys and I head off to a week at camp.... After camp we're going to meet my mom, Hunter, and another family from the church at my grandparents cottage for a final vacation before I head back to school.  We'll come back probably on Monday, and then one more week of work and packing. I go back to school on the 28th... Three weeks and Two days... I ca't believe how fast this summer has flown by.  Anyway, hope every one is doing well :)  Here is a little video for ya'll to enjoy ;) 


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