Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years

Well, 2012 is over and 2013 is coming in!!  
My hope for this year is simple.  That it's better than last year!  I spent a majority of 2012 living for myself.  I had one set goal in mind, and even though it didn't necessarily have to be a bad goal, it definitely wasn't the goal God wanted me to set at this point in life.  
And... as everyone knows, since my plans were not God's plans, they didn't work out all that well.  
So again, my hope for this year is that everything I do is only for God's glory.  I know it sounds simple, but for me it's good enough.  
So, I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve!  We're going over to the church for a New Year's Fellowship.  What does your family do to celebrate the New Year?? 

Here's a song to end my post with :)

On a journey from Jerusalem returning to their home
Joseph and his family traveled all day long
They must have walked for many miles before they realized
Jesus was not with them. Mary sadly cried.

I prayed for God to lead my way
That His will for me be known
All I asked is that I wait for Him,
Still I stepped out on my own
Without Him here to guide my steps
I failed many times.
I only have myself to blame.
I bowed my head and cried.

You’ve made some bad decisions
With the selfish thought in mind
You had the best intentions for
The goals you set in life.
Your relationship with God’s secure,
But the fellowship is gone.
You can choose to walk with Him again
You don’t have to walk alone.

“Where is Jesus?
Did we leave Him far behind,
Did we take for granted?
He was here walking with us all the time.
Where is Jesus?
To find Him once again
We must return to the place where we left Him.
Where is Jesus? Where is Jesus?”

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  1. Happy New Year! May God's bless you with endless blessings this year! :)


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