Friday, December 21, 2012

Old Lady Blogger :)

When my family moved back up here while I was still at school they set up my bedroom like such a wonderful family.  I came back and moved all my stuff in, it was wonderful.  The first night I climbed into my bed and it was nice and soft.  The verdict~ two mattresses and no box springs...  no support.  At the moment I thought - well, I didn't think - at the moment, I decided that the two mattresses are more comfortable.  Well... my opinion changed Wednesday... I started feeling a little stiff and old...  my back was aching!!  It has continued to ache... I do feel like an old lady!!  My mom says that she's experiencing sympathy pains!  My brother is trying to locate my box spring, and until then my mattress has been moved to my floor for support.

Here are some random pics of our pets from this week.

Thunder has this thing for lights or reflections and was going crazy with this one on the wall!

And our bird (idk what his name is, lol) found a new friend when we put the angel on top of the Christmas tree :) 

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