Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Don't You Wish...

In church tonight we were reading in Acts and I remembered a verse I had read just this morning about how the apostles were accused of  "turning the world upside down".  I don't know how or what made me connect these thoughts, but I kept thinking how nice it would be if the people I pray about would just get their lives right.  I'm sure everyone has someone that they wish that would work for.  For example
~Family that need to be saved~
~Family that are away from the Lord~ 
~Friends that are rejecting godly council and not serving the Lord~ 

Like I said, I'm sure everyone has someone like that in their life.  You sit there thinking and praying about someone and wish they would just get their life right, both for their sake AND for yours.  You wish they would realize how many tears are shed for their salvation/repentance.  How much time you spend praying for them.  You wish they would JUST GET THEIR LIFE RIGHT.  
So... what can you do?  You can't get their life right for them.  You wish you could say JUST the right words for them to see their wrong.  All you can do is live your life fully for God and be and godly example to them. Oh, and most important you can pray for them...  

You say I’m not able 
I’m too young or I’m too old 
And I can’t sing or teach 
And no title do I hold 
Lord, what can I do? 
For I want to do my part 
And I want to help the hurting 
With all of my heart 

My family shows no interest 
My child has gone so far 
Though I try my best to reach them 
Their hearts just seem so hard 
Lord what can I do? 
To help bring them back to you 
For my family’s lost and dying 
And my words don’t get through 

I can pray until the walls come down 
Until there’s healing all around 
That’s something I can do 
I can pray in my secret place 
Calling on your name 
That’s something I can do 
I can pray 

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  1. We were Acts tonight too! Great post especially the poem! Thanks for sharing! :)


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