Friday, January 25, 2013

God, Please Make My Man Like Joseph!

I was reading the account of Joseph in the Bible and was struck with how much I would love for my husband to be like Joseph!  It's actually funny, because the thing that got me thinking about it is when he sees his brothers in Egypt and weeps.  I thought, this man has a heart!!  And I started thinking about all his other wonderful character traits.

  • Brave; This is shown many ways in Joseph's life.  One example is in his dealings with his brothers.  Gen. 37:12-17
  • God was with him; Gen 39:1
  • Good Steward; He ran Potipher's household affairs and prospered.  He also showed 'business' smarts when he was put in charge of the wheat during the 7 years plenty/7 years famine.  Gen. 39:4; 41:57
  • Remained Pure; He resisted the temptation of Potipher's wife.  When temptation faced him, he got out of the situation as soon as he could.  Gen 39:7-12
  • Used by God; A godly testimony.  Gen. 40:8
  • Gives God the Glory: Gen. 41:16
  • Smart and Witty; He came up with quick plans when his brothers showed up in Egypt.  
  • A man with a heart; He wept when his brothers came back into his life again.  But, he didn't sit down and start crying when his brothers sold him into slavery.  Gen. 43:30, 46:29
  • Faithful to Family and Loved Ones; even after his brothers betrayed him, he provided and protected them in Egypt.  He protected those he loved, and never considered what he could gain from it, or what they had done to him.  
  • Thanked God in Everything; Gen 50:20
And my favorite part... :)

  • He lived to a good ole age!!! :)   


  1. Ok STOP you're making this waaay too hard!! lol. Right at the moment I was looking at the title of your post, I was thinking of a guy in my life with (you guessed it) that name...2 guys actually...both named that. :/ And so much like the Joseph in the Bible!! I struggle with my thoughts about this so much and who knew you'd post about that? lol. I am just praying!

    1. Just keep praying for God's will, He'll show you :)

  2. The story of Joseph is one of my favorites!!

  3. I was reading about Joseph just last week. You brought out a lot of good traits he had. I would like to add one though, after all he went through he never complained! That just 'awes' me!


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