Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh yeah, I'm Professional!

Lol, this morning I went over to my friend, Jesse's, house to help her stain her cabinets because she and her husband are getting ready to move into a new place.  It was fun to spend time together...  She was joking around and pointed out that by the time I get my own house I'll be a pro at remodeling after helping her.  We had a great time, it was both of our first times staining wood and so it was a fun experience for both of us!  we talked about where our country was headed, which for a while was depressing, but at the same time we both agreed that we just have keep trusting in the Lord, knowing that He holds tomorrow and we can trust our future to him!  And, as usually the case with my li'l group of friends, we spent the afternoon blasting out some of our favorite songs :) It was neat because Jess sings alto and I switch back and forth from alto and soprano...  so we blended. well. somewhat well :)

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