Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This... umm... YEAR... in pics :)

I've been told that I need to put more pictures on my blog, so I got some together to put :)  Unfortunately, they're just ones I've found online because my camera's batteries are dead, and I'm feeling lazy and haven't put new ones in!   And for the ever creative post title, I am trying to avoid any copyright infringements lol!

I'm super excited about redoing my room sometime soon!! I've picked out my color scheme, bedding, and everything, I can't wait :)
I love the yellow and grey colors!!

Other big news is that before too long my brother will be opening a shoe store similar to the one we worked at in Shipshewana soon!!  We're all super excited about that!  On top of that, the other night, we went to 'check out the competition' and they were having a super awesome sale on some really cute shoes.  They were buy 1 @ 50 % get the second pair free.  So for a late valentines day gift, my brother bought me some shoes :)

I love these shoes!! Aren't they awesome?!  And comfortable!  Lol, it will be amazing when Luke has his store going, because he'll be carrying lots of shoes like these :) YEEHAW!!

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  1. Yellow and gray are so cute together! :)


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