Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some Pictures from Today :)

For Luke's (late) senior trip we went to Busch Gardens for the day.  We all had a great time, I tor one tend to love amusement parks! Lol, my brothers were jokingly upset with me because they didn't get to see any of the animal exhibits because I wanted to hit as many rides as possible!   
These pics are seriously out of order and I'm not even going to try to get them in order so bear with me :) 
Luke won me as little pillow pet at one of the games there... He was rather handy for the trip home!! 

Waiting in line.  There were only one or two times that we had to wait very long in line, it was really nice!  I had downloaded an app on my phone that showed the wait times at each of the rides so we were able to plan accordingly!

This is one of the main rides: Sheikra.  It is my personal favorite :)  They bring you up to a 90 degree drop and then...

hang you over the edge for a few seconds before letting you go.  This was one of the first rides we did and we were able to get front row and go around a second time which makes the ride much better!! 

Dakota with the pillow pet he won :) 

All of us :) 

On the skyride

Hunter and I after we got off the water rides.  The weather was on the chilly side today so we were kind of cold, but on the good side, there was absolutely NO wait for the water rides! lol


Lol, Luke with his pillow pet!

Coda looks a little chilly there :P

This ride is the Cheetah hunt.  It's the longest rollar coaster there and goes up to 60 miles per hour in a few seconds.  This was the only one that we had any wait on throughout the whole day! 

Over all it was an awesome day spent together, the weather was chilly but not too bad.  Near the end I started 'feeling my age' after going on a few rough rides, but nothing to bad, lol!! 
I have a lot more pictures from our other days and will post them some time :) 

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  1. Looks like y'all had fun! Just looking at that 90* drop makes me loose my stomach. Lol :)


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