Sunday, April 7, 2013

Praise The Lord

This past week has been an amazing week for our church! Wednesday night before church, we always go out canvassing for a little while. Dakota, Hunter, and Christian were out knocking and met a boy who was walking down the street. Christian started talking to him about salvation, and after giving him the gospel, this boy got saved.
Then Friday night, we went out bus visiting, and Mrs. Shuster, mom, and I stopped at the nursing home, and gave the gospel to an elderly lady, who also accepted Christ.
Finally, this morning after Sunday school, my friend Colleen gave the gospel to a nine year old in her class who got saved, then after junior church, my mom led two five year olds to Christ. Personally, that was the one I was most excited about, because one of them was Bailey Shuster, my pastor's granddaughter. We were all so excited to here about her salvation :)
This month is a busy month for our church! We have a bus conference next Saturday, Luke and Christian's graduation and then a kids night. I'm definitely looking forward to all these events :).
Here's a pic of Bailey with the girl that I tutor :)

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  1. That's awesome! Praise the Lord! :)


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