Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Storms Across the Country...

I post this with a little bit of shame after hearing about what my friend in Oklahoma City went through, but here in Michigan, we got nailed too!  Although they're saying there were no tornadoes there was definitely damage enough!  They are saying that there are still risks of tornadoes in Michigan today...  Mom and I were gone yesterday, and Luke called us around 4.  They were leaving for baseball practice, it was cloudy and sprinkling, by the time they got half a block a way, they had to turn around because they couldn't see anything.  By the time they got back the driveway was flooded, power was out, and our yard looked like this:
The power didn't come on until around 3:30 this afternoon... hopefully it will stay on through these storms that are supposed to be coming this evening!!  We went out to look at the damage, and here are some of the pics I took... (lol, it seems my phone can take good pictures, unless I'm taking them for the photo challenge!) 

This was at the end of our road. 

A tree fell through this home's attic...  bummer!  I didn't get a picture, but in the trailer park, one of the trailers got totaled...  

You can kind of see where this fence was busted through... it gives evidence that there might have been a little bit of twister wind... 

This house had a tree fall right next to it, so lucky!! 

This house was enveloped with a tree... 

You can see along the sidewalk where the false front of the restaurant crumbled... you can also see where the bricks ripped through the awning!  

Panels on a church ripped off... 

A tree across this roof

Fallen tree

You can see the power lines down behind this house...

The yellow tape around more power lines

Finally, a power line tore away from this house!

Luckily, we didn't have any damage to our house, just limbs in our back yard.  We had to pine trees where the tops just snapped off... Too bad it's not Christmas :)  
Did anyone else get hit?!  


  1. So sorry about all the damage. Glad y'all are safe!

  2. Hello Sarah! I thought I would check out your blog! But as for your question,no, we did not get any storms. Where do you live in MI ( as in Norther, Southern, etc )? We live in Northern Indiana. I am glad your house was not damaged!

    1. Hope,
      We live in central Michigan. The storm was interesting in that we were the only town that got hit. Every other town around us came out fine! We were very isolated!
      Do you live in eastern or western Indiana? About a year and a half ago my family moved to shipshewana, and we lived there for a year. Also, meanwhile, I went to college at a Baptist college over near Valparaiso, which is right next to Chicago.
      Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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