Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"I Told You So"

All through your life you've served God.  You were saved as a young child, and dedicated your life to God.  Now you're standing in Heaven during the Great White Throne Judgement.  Around you will be your friends and family, those who served the Lord along side you.  Yes, they were Christians, but there were times in life when they doubted the faithfulness and power of God.  As David did in II Samuel 12:22-23, you oft reminded them of the wonder-working power of God.  Looking around in awe, you turn to them and say "I Told You So".  It won't be a word of rebuke, simply a praise spoken of the power of your Saviour.  
Suddenly the scene becomes somber as you begin to witness the lost ones pass through judgement.  With tears rolling down your face, you watch those that you have witnessed to as Christ says to them "I know you not... depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity."  As Noah in Genesis warned those around him of coming doom, you warned them of coming judgement.  They turned away.  As you see your friends, family, loved ones, and people you only know through witnessing cast into the Lake of Fire, you whisper the words "I Told You So".  You had warned them, pleaded with them, cried for them, and prayed for them, but over and over again, they rejected the wonderful plan of Salvation.  Now as they kneel before Christ, they were realizing that they had been the fools.  
As you watch your loved ones pass through judgement, a young person goes through judgement.  He looks over at you with a tear rolling from his eyes.  You realize that you have seen this person before, and then you remember.  You saw this young person as a child.  It was a Saturday afternoon, and you were running late with your bus visits.  The Holy Spirit led you to invite him to church, but you skipped that house, wanting to get home.  They'll never come, you told yourself.  It's raining, they'll think I'm an idiot! You see another person, and realize they worked at a local store, and you had never given them a tract, or invited them to church.  A child from your Sunday School class passes through begging for mercy from God, and you remember that you never took the time out to make sure that this child was a Child of God.  As these people, and more, pass through judgement, you become speechless.  Tears continue to roll down your face as you think to yourself "I could have told them so.  I SHOULD HAVE TOLD THEM SO!"  More and more, people, who never heard the Gospel because you passed up the opportunity, are sentenced to eternity in Hell.  You're agonizing as your Saviour looks up to you as he sentences these people to judgement.  How many people will you watch go to Hell, because you never gave them the Gospel? 
One day, this will happen to every one of us as Children of God.  How many people will you be rejoicing with, "I Told You So!" "Isn't this amazing?" How many time will you whisper "I Told You So." "Why wouldn't you listen?"  How many tears will be shed as you say "I should have told you so." "Why wasn't I a more effective witness?"

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