Thursday, June 20, 2013

Update in Pictures... (And Photo Challenge, Finally!)

Memorial Day...
Our Dock at the Lake :) 

Day 9: Something From a Distance

Day 10: Whatever You Want...
There's a story behind this: Last time we were up at the Cottage, I kept putting my phone in a ziplock bag to keep it safe from accidently dropping in the water.  The morning we were getting ready to head out, I was inside talking to my mom, and my phone slipped out of my hand and landed right in my dog's water bowl :( Fortunately with a bag or rice and 24 hours, it still works :)  

Day 11: Black and White ;) 

btw, that little dot is a helicopter ;) 

We went to the famous Cherry Republic (At least I think it's fame worthy, and this is coming from someone who doesn't like cherries all that much) 

They had a nice place for pictures

Unfortunately the boys weren't very cooperative.  

Day 12: Same Shot, Different Light (With following picture)

Sorry it's sideways :/

Lol, I made my brother stop right in the middle of the road and messed around with different 'scenic road pictures' 


Leading music... we had a military theme, and some of us got uniforms to wear... There's a lady in our church who was in the Marines when she was my age, and her uniform fit me. It was fun to get dressed up :)

Cheering for the Penny Drive

Remodeling Jimmey and Jesse's New House...

The girl's room

Jimmey and Jesse's Room

The catwalk... sorry about the backlight

The firewalk in the living room from the catwalk

The stairwell... I'm very proud of this stairwell... I had to paint it with a paint brush taped to a broom pole :)

The wall in the living room... I love the colors!!
A blurry picture of the outside of the house, and a free advertisement to Shuster Computer Services and Repair ;)  lol
Well, that's about it.  I've been busy with stuff in the church and tutoring/two piano students... I've got two more students coming too!!  I'm looking for more tutoring/babysitting/piano lessons too...

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