Thursday, October 3, 2013

Random Update of Happenings...

I feel kind of slacking on my blog, filling it in with songs or quotes or such, but life has been busy! I tutor one girl in 4th grade, focusing on multiplication and reading. I also have four piano students. Other than the norm, it's been a good week :) 
Sunday night I went over to Colleen and Josh's house and they left the next morning. I stayed until Wednesday afternoon babysitting their 10 month old, Arlie. He is such a sweetie and was very good and cheerful the whole time! 

After church last night Jimmey and Jesse passed out gender reveal cupcakes to show what their baby is going to be. The verdict: a boy! Christian saw me with my phone a little while later and made the comment "Sarah just can't wait to get the news out to cyberspace". Lol, in that he was very right, but it took me longer than he thought :) Jimmey was hoping for one so I'm sure they're all happy :) I know Bailey and Kiley are excited for a brother! 

Today is Hunter's 11th birthday. We went to a museum and then to ponderosa with my grandma. We were all sad that grandpa had a cold and couldn't make it :( 

Saturday we're doing a birthday party. And then life continues on, still busy! Next Saturday is harvest youth revival at the camp we go to. The next week I have an appointment with an oral surgeon about getting my wisdom teeth taken out. Guess how excited I am about that! Lol. That weekend is our missions conference on Saturday and Sunday. I can't believe October is upon us! 
Have a great week and hopefully I'll have more updates later :) 



  1. I'm just starting as a piano teacher, and teaching my first student! I'm really enjoying it, but it's tough. What ages are your students and what curriculum are you using? :)

  2. Sharon, three of my students are 6-7, and then I also teach one of the girl's mom. I use Bastien piano basics, the piano and performance books, for the kids. And the adult Bastien series for adults. I also use fundamental theory for piano from Kjos publishers, and finger power to supplement.

  3. Cool! Thanks :) My little student is 5 years old...I'm starting with the Music for little Mozarts series

  4. I've never heard of that curriculum, but it sounds interesting! The little kids love worksheets and games that reinforce their lessons. I get a lot of my ideas from Pinterest, color in my piano, and pianoanne


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