Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What I Wore...

After thinking about it a lot I decided that I wanted to start a little section on my blog and posts entitled "What I Wore"  
Now, when I was thinking about this idea my number one hesitancy was this: I am not what one would consider a fashionable person. I'm always 'behind' the current fashions. Lol, I only own two scarves and three belts *gasp*. But I'm starting to catch on to the ideas of this year's style. But, on the other hand, some of the reasons for starting these fashion posts are: 1) even if it is a little behind, I can encourage other Christian girls in dressing modestly! I've often been discouraged with "modesty" blogs that aren't always modest. 2) I'm very much open to suggestions in which I can grow my style a little bit, while still following God's commands in dressin modestly! 
What I Wore
(Goodness, my phones not very good for this, haha) 
Blue gingham shirt: thrifted (Old Navy)
Belt: thrifted 
Skirt: thrifted (Gap) 
Shoes: thrifted (Dr. Scholls)
Again, I'm open to any suggestions and constructive criticism on my outfit! 


  1. Since the photo is so small, it's hard to give you great constructive criticism, however I zoomed in and I have no criticism to give you! Other than trying to find something that can take larger photos. :) I love your use of the belt!

    1. Kalin,
      Thanks! I did this post on my phone and didn't realize the picture was so small! I'll have to edit it later!

  2. Don't take a picture in front of the tree... or you'll look like you've sprouted a tree. :) Nice hair, by the way.... and you look super skinny woman! ~ GMC

  3. Thank you very much G!! It was nice to get your comment :)


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