Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Godly Music

Godly music is a His gift to you to facilitate your daily walk and spiritual growth in His grace -- and in a way that you will greatly enjoy!... When you listen to godly music, all of the following is being accomplished at one time in your life:

1. It honors God and His holiness
2. It magnifies His Son
3. It resists Satan 
4. It welcomes His Spirit
5. It encourages and strengthens our hearts
6. It facilitates our prayers
7. It places God's peace in our hearts 
8. It renews our minds
9. It teaches us God's Word
10. It edifies and encourages others
11. It transforms us into His image
12. It pleases God
13. It gives spiritual context to all of life
14. It gives routine tasks a spiritual element
15. It brings joy to the heart
16. It witnesses of Christ to lost men
17. It sets one apart from the world  
18. It sets our affections upon God
19. It brings rest to your spirit 
20. It establishes our hearts in the faith 

 Taken from
Music Matters by Cary Schmidt 

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