Friday, May 9, 2014

Great Peace

Discontentment. Fret. Anxiety. Impatience. 
I struggle with those feelings as much as the next person. Seriously, who doesn't? 
I've been going through a time lately when I've been very discontent. Everything was going wrong it seemed like. 
The other day I was out on visitation with Mrs. Shuster (thank you, Lord, for that lady!) we were talking about a lady that has been coming to our church for the past month and just in the passing conversation she mentioned a verse. Immediately it struck a heart chord. I knew I'd have to look up that verse when I got home. It was just what I needed. 
Well, the evening passed and I got home and forgot about the verse. Two days later I was reading in my Bible and God brought that verse back to me in my reading. I immediately wrote it down after that and have it hanging on the wall. 
Isn't God wonderful the way he works like that!?  I'd like to share the verse with you as well, maybe it will bring encouragement to you today! 

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