Sunday, June 13, 2010

Commemeration Sunday!

Today we had a special service at church to commemorate our being able to purchase our Church building. We had Dr. Rick Flanders, an evangelist out of Vassar, MI. It was a blessing to have him! I didn't get to here him preach, except for a little bit at the end b4 I had to play invitation, because I was teaching SS first, and then helped in the Nursery during the morning service. But, Luke said he was a good preacher, and I got 'charged' just during the last 5 minutes!
After church we had a potluck, and then we went over to the park to hang out the rest of the afternoon at the park w/ some of the other kids/young adults from our church. After evening service, we had another get-together, because there was a lot of leftovers. So today was pretty busy!!
This is the COOL table!
this is Katie's new dog Carlie

More pictures coming soon, hopefully!

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