Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our weekend on the lake!

this weekend we went up to my grandparents cottage so I could try out my new bathing suit! Thanks again to Jen Comstock! There are lots more pictures coming!

Here are some panoramic shots of Northern MI

Landscape, and there's something significant about the barn, but I'm not sure what ;)

Sleeping Bear Dune Climb!

Yours truly hits the water!

Luke waterskiing,
luke falling

This is a nice picture of our lake :)


  1. that sound like fun! i LOVE your bathing suit! you guys own a lake!?

  2. nope we don't own it. My grandparents own a cottage on the lake, and its always tons of fun!


  3. I love your bathing suit! I had one from Wholesome Wear but it's too small for me now;) Lord willing, (If) we get our pool running again next year I'll be able to get another one. It's encouraging to see other people dress right!

    Have a great week, Brittany ♥

    PS. I enjoyed the pics ;D

  4. I love your swimsuit. I have been working this week on sewing a modest swimsuit for my daughter. It's so encouraging to see young ladies dressing modestly.


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