Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bridal Shower

This afternoon we had a bridal shower for a lady in our church who is getting married in September.  I get to be the maid-of-honour for the wedding :)  I had tons of fun going out and shopping for the shower and then decorating Friday night :) 
Lol, I learned how to successfully and elegantly wrap a wire ribbon around the tulle, it was more difficult then it sounds ;)

The bulletin board was lots of fun to make :) Can I pass a class with this in school ;) lol  lots of little stickers :) 

The stupid wedding bells wouldn't stay hung up!!!!

The Bride-to-be!
One of our games was sort of like Mennonite madness, but when you got doubles you ran up and put dish gloves on and find and unwrap gifts in the big bag that was stuffed with wadded up newspaper.

Then we played a game where four 'brides' got dressed up in toilet paper dresses!

Lol, this is the second time I've gotten dressed up like this... haha, hopefully, when it's really my turn, I can do better than toilet paper ;)

Making banana bread without a recipe... haha, it turned out as hard as a rock! oops ;)

Blowing bubbles
Mrs Suever gave a little devotional
Then gift time! :)

The rest of the afternoon, I was able to get a lot done! I came home, cleaned the house, did some laundry, finished my CE report, planned a budget, practiced lots of piano, and had 'relax' time :)!!!
Anyway, you know you live in Shipshewana when you look out the window into the backyard and see someone walking their pig! Lol!!!!!

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