Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Date Night

Tonight I took Hunter out on a 'date'... It was lots of fun :) Lots of pics were taken, sorry they're not edited or anything... ;)

First stopped for a refreshing drink...

"Do you plan on taking the picture soon?"

Then we went putt-putting...

It didn't help that my club was more sized for a six footer ;) not short little me :o

Hmm... the par was usually 2... guess how often we made par.... lol

Hunter took a detour ;)

Ohhhhh.... soooo clloooossseee!

I think the ball was supposed to stay on the green  :-/

On our way to dinner... Hunter's adding up the damage from our golf game, uhuh :O

Hunter got a root beer with chocolate flavor shots... I tasted it and said ~YUCK~

Plain root beer is much better!
We ended up at steak and shake, it was delicious!
Then we headed to the mall... hmmm... of course I'm not driving at the moment...
Got some pics taken....
Finally home... lol, looks like some other pics taken :o

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