Friday, August 3, 2012

AL Trip Thursday and Friday

This pic was actually taken Wednesday night :) My boarding pass!
And, of course, on top of everything else... I grabbed my 'freshly turned off' curling iron Thursday morning, and scorched my thumb, pointer, and middle finger... lol, all week, whenever I touched anything I could tell I had burnt off my finger prints! I told Grace and Rachel that if we wanted to rob a bank, now would be the time! :P
Oh yeah, It's been raining here, finally :) 
Hunter and I at Flint before I left! 
Friday morning waiting to surprise Rachel... The Carson's front yard. 
Friday we spent the whole day shopping, and of course I got some new shoes ;) LOL, can you seriously picture me walking around in these? I would kill myself :P 

It's a tradition to stop at Taco Bell for lunch. 
Grace, our professional photographer.  
Lol, there were things all around that constantly reminded me I was 'down south'... including the 'tropical' storms daily ;) 
Rachel and I 
Getting ready for a swim... we swam almost everyday, they had a great pool with a diving board and a slide... tons of fun... A couple of days we spent tanning, so I got a nice 'baptist' tan ;) (Kinda like a farmer's tan, only more feminine, lol) just got a little burn, right on the tan line :O
Playing imaginiff right before bed 

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