Saturday, August 4, 2012

AL Trip Thursday and Friday

Excitement never leaves me... On the way to the airport Thursday we passed this SUV with this lady who had a creepy mask on... lol, something similar had happened to us on a trip to a youth conference a couple years ago! 

Downtown Mobile 
This is a sister ship of a ship that my great-grandpa was on in WWII 
We were hit with a crazy bad storm on the way there... thus the wonderful delays and rebookings... lol 
Rachel and I at the airport 
Sad to leave 

Mrs Carson was a wonderful hostess over the week... thanks!!! :)  
When landing in Atlanta we flew right through some storm clouds... breath taking and nerve wracking all at the same time! 
At the hotel all alone... :'( 
Friday morning I got some starbucks... gotta love it :)  
This was my plane... finally...  
It's good to be home  

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  1. I love the picture from the air! That is too awesome.


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