Saturday, August 4, 2012

AL Trip Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday we just hung around the house because Rachel's dog got an infection, so they took him to the vet.... Grace and I spent the evening playing 'dress-up'.... I did her hair and make-up... it was super fun :) 

Wednesday we went bowling in the morning with some friends of the Carsons, Josh and Bethany.
Rachel and Mikie (Her brother) 

Josh and Bethany were a little late so we got bored... lol 
Tired of waiting

Let the games begin :)
Autographs :)

Grace and Rachel kept making fun of my small feet, lol
Grace's foot, my foot, Rachel's foot
I got to hold Grace's precious camera

The scores... Josh: 141, Bethany: 121, Me: 119, Mikie: 115, Grace: 94, Rachel: 87...
Then for lunch we went to support Chick-Fil-A... It was amazing... we were in line for 2 hours... the drive-through wrapped around the building twice... it was crazy busy! 
hot and tired
Someone was passing out "Prayer of Protection for your Family" papers... interesting

They did pass out water :) 

Finally in!!!!
Good food! and shakes :)  

We were all pretty tired after all was said and done 
I did Grace's hair again for church :) 
And on the way, it stormed pretty bad, but the sun came right out, and there was a bright rainbow! 

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