Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Tonight, I was playing through some of my sheet music, and found an arrangement that a dear friend of mine had given me when she used it to compete at Empowered Youth last year.  I got thinking about all the many great friends that God has blessed me with over my short 18 years....  I truly have been blessed.... beyond measure... Lol, it's totally fitting that the song was "Count Your Blessings"! 

First... my dear friends Grace and Rachel... 13 years and counting... two five year olds who spend their time fighting continuously, yet still holding out a great friendship after so long.... And we can't forget the three year old sister! I've always been able to have such a great time with these girls... Love 'em like crazy!
Then there's Colleen... my 26-year old twin...  (Sorry... some of these pictures are bad... or as Grace would say: atrocious)  She knows all my secrets... I think... We clicked from the get-go... good friends all through my high school years... 

On to my College friends... Crystal (L) was my BEST friend my first semester... we met at Preaching Conference the spring before we both started college, and we quickly became fast friends.... always together... People would pick on us because they would rarely see one of us without the other... if they couldn't find Crystal, they would come ask me, and vice verse... Even though we've gone our separate ways for now, I'm so thankful for the friendship I had with Crystal.
And of course I can't forget my roommates... My Room Captain, Jordyn (C) was a great help to me... sometimes people would laugh at us and call her 'mommy' Jordyn, because Jordyn took her role very seriously.  At the time it wasn't very appreciated, but looking back, I am thankful for her loving advice and concern...   Karina... (R) my Belarussian roomie... such fun to learn about her and her culture... she was always fun to be around and even though we had our fights, she could usually make me laugh
Jorge, Karina and I had such a great time rooming together... I don't think I'll ever have as great as roommates as them! 
Then there's 'the guys'... Yeah, this picture is AWFUL!! They might kill me when they see this, oh well... They weren't cooperating with me at the lighting was bad, and it's the only picture I have of them... Caleb(L) is like a brother to me... and John... well... he's John... We've had great times this past year!

Some newer friends are Elizabeth(L) and Christina(C).  We hung out together when we went to a Cub's game in April.  Elizabeth is kind of like a sister to me, and Christina's always fun to be around!  
Finally my 'high school' friends....  Morgan (LC) is the one that gave me the arrangement, her and her sister Bethlie (L) are like the little sister's I never had.  Actually, Bethlie and I are ALMOST, the same age.  I love these girls... they're so much fun to be around.  

So... all in all... amazing friends... amazing life... Blessed beyond measure.

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  1. Hey! I know Kellie! it's a really small world...


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