Friday, August 10, 2012

Rainy Day Syndrome....

Well... actually rainy days syndrome.... it's been pretty much a continuous shower since yesterday morning.... At work, one definitely feels the rainy day all the way through... for the past two days it's been crazy slow! I think we made like 5 sales today!  And on top of that everyone just feels dreary and tired... Since everyone's been slow, I've recruited plenty of help for my letter-stuffing which is a blessing.  I think I'm gonna go in for a few hours in the afternoon and see if I can get a whole bunch down (And get a few more hours on the clock, lol).
Last night I took Dakota out on his 'date' night... We were gonna go bowling, but... we couldn't find a bowling alley :(  So, we just went to Bob Evans, and then shopping... he helped me get a whole bunch of stuff that I need for school! He's a really good shopping partner, lol.  We only got a few pictures and all of them were of bad quality, so... No pics for ya'll :(

But, I was looking at the friends post I did the other night, and realized I needed to add a few more!

Lauren is my... ummm.... partner in crime! LOL, jk ;)  We became good friends near the end of
the year, after being 'just friends' all year...  We had lots of fun together on the last college activity at Turkey Run... 

Then there's Sarah B...  We didn't hang out much while I was at school... she was good friends with both of my roommates so I knew her well, but we never really hung out on our own accord, until the night before I left!  My roommates were already gone, so were her's, so I spent the night in her room.  Ever since then we've been good email/text friends!  I don't have a good picture to post for her though :( 

Finally, there's these three guys...
and this guy...  My real brothers... the ones I've been stuck with for the rest of my life... and the one's God's blessed me with!  I may hate them often, wishing to strangle them or something (ha, some people don't think I can be vicious, lol, I'm not really), but down deep I love them! 

Moving on... my rainy day continues... someone said it even snowed this afternoon... I'm not totally sure that I believe it! I do know that I'm comfortably snuggled in a long sleeve/ long john material shirt... and last night I grabbed my comforter half-way through the night and wrapped up in it... which was a nice change after throwing my sheet off night after night in the scorching heat! lol.... Well, hope everyone has a good night!  Sunday we're heading up north, and Monday it's off to camp.  I thought I was going as a counselor this year, but my pastor decided that I should still go as a camper because even though I'm in college, I'm still the same age as most of the campers... ahhh.... the pros and cons of graduating early, a class all of my own!! College experienced campers... bring it! 

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