Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Choice is Mine

I can be strong, I can be brave,
I can be free, or be a slave.
I can forgive as He forgave
The choice is mine.
I can go through in storm or gale,
I can be true, or I can fail;
I can desert or set my sail.
The choice is mine.
If I would live then I must die
And bid this fleeting world goodbye
It’s treasures dear, I must deny
The choice is mine.
I’ll walk by faith where I am led,
It matters not what lies ahead,
And if the path be crimson red,
The choice is mine.
I can have faith.  I can have fear.
I can believe that God is near,
Or I can doubt the things I hear.
The choice is mine.
I can draw close, or I can strain.
I can submit, or go my way.
Within my heart, I hear him say,
‘The choice is mine.’
If I, the King of Heaven, choose
If I, the things of Earth, refuse
The best I’d gain, the worst I’d lose.
The choice is mine.
Because He gave His life for me,
Because of love at Calvary
I take Him for eternity.
The choice is mine.

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