Saturday, August 25, 2012


Ahh... I was so ready for Saturday!! I slept in a little bit... lol, just a little... 

Then we went into town so I could get the last stuff I needed before taking off on Tuesday.  We're leaving here around noon, and then meeting my grandparents there, they're gonna take some stuff to help make moving easier for my mom, and leave me with one of their cars... wooohoooo!!  But only for the wedding a few weeks later, then they get it back.  Oh well... But, then my grandparents are gonna take the boys and my mom is gonna stay the afternoon and help me get settled until later that evening.  
I finally, sort of, finished packing today!  I have everything in tubs and boxes, but they're not closed up yet because I still need a lot of stuff :-P 
I spent a lot of time today working on some new music... sigh... I'm scheduled to sing in church tomorrow... sigh again... I'm so totally not ready... sigh once more... oh well... lol! 
I love this music, it's a book of songs off an Assurance CD from Heartland Baptist Bible College.  It's got a lot of my favorite songs like Grace for Grace, I Can Go In, and I Could Never Thank Him Enough. They are all lots of fun to play :) 

Do ya'll like my new look?? I was bored with the old one, so I was looking at some new backgrounds, and fell in love with this one... the color scheme is awesome!! Orange and green?? Gotta love it!  and then I found this awesome header and edited it to match... Ah... I've actually spent all summer trying to find a new background that I liked, but the way I usually did it wasn't working anymore, so I had to find a new way... as some of my friends like to remind me... 'girls and computers'.  But I like this one a lot!  
Anyway, hope everyone has a great day at church! I get to work in the nursery during Sunday School, that means one last time with Alayna!! I love her soooo much :D

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