Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday... A Day Late :O

Yesterday was my brother's 18th birthday! G-AS-P!!!!  HHHH, I feel so old :-P  My grandparents came over this afternoon to celebrate his birthday, and while they were here we also threw in a second birthday celebration.  I do believe someone else is having a birthday next week!  :O
I can't believe all that has happened this past month... it's definitely been a change for me!  I spend so much time wondering what's gonna happen with my life now.  What's the next step?  Where's God taking me?  I often wonder "what could have been" and more so "what will be".  Does anyone else do that? 
Anyway... my tutoring thing is going well... I traded them out yesterday, and was getting ready to print of all the homework I had put together for them and my printer wasn't working... sooo.... I put it on my flashdrive and tried it at another computer... aaaannnnnndddddd, that printer wasn't working.  Soooo... I took my flash drive to the library to print the stuff off there with like 10 minutes until we had to leave, and... guess what... that didn't work either.  Surprise, surprise.  As some would say... 'girls and computers'  but... usually it's not my fault, so ;)  I ended up throwing together a make shift homework pack for them on the way to the church and hopefully it will work out!  

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  1. Hi Sarah!
    I miss seeing you around and having you in my Master's Club class.

    Don't worry about the future! I've made some big mistakes in the past and I can testify that God uses brokenness and pieces things back together for His glory.

    I can say that God had to take me far down hill and have me utterly dependent upon Him before He could start to bless me. Just give your whole heart -- the waiting + unknown + uncertainty -- to Him. Things will work out for the good -- not always the way we expect it. :) :) But always better than we think.

    Another small encouragement -- so often, we want the BIG picture. Don't forget that God leads us in steps....not leaps. Just take it a day at a time. Live every single day exclusively for Him and He'll direct your steps, which lead to paths. :) It's a promise!


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