Friday, November 2, 2012


Ya ever have it where you can come up with a great blog post while you're working on stuff around the house, and then when you go to blog about it, it's like 'poof' gone... you have no idea what to post about.  That's been my life since my last post.  And now I sit here words flowing through my mind, but not through my fingers onto the keyboard.  Not that I've ever been the creative sort, but I seem to have lost the little creativity I had.
Lol, so, no, my post isn't all about how I can't think of what to post about, trust me.  I keep thinking about a comedy my family watches of an old preacher that answers a question with... "I don't know, you don't know, they don't know, only God knows".  That's pretty much how I've been feeling... I can't seem to get my thoughts down into words for anyone.
Last night we had Colleen's baby shower... it was lots of fun.  My mom and I did the games, and those went fairly well.  She's due on the 18th, but I'm hoping she has the baby on the 17th....  for personal reasons to be revealed after the fact :P
I haven't found a job yet, but I am doing a volunteer tutoring job with a bus family from the church.  I am just putting together a curriculum for them, I don't actually do any work with them.  Putting together a curriculum is turning out rather challenging because I've never taught before, and it has to be stuff I copy and print offline and from old curriculum that my mom used because they can't buy anything.  I'm also taking over teaching my youngest brother.  So lots of teaching experience, which will come in handy for when I homeschool.
Other than that, not much has been happening.  I'll finish up with a song that has been really encouraging to me recently:

You been on a long and troubled road 
At times you felt cheated 
To have to bear this load 
While others who would barely even try 
Would spread their wings like eagles 
And soar into the sky 

It doesn't matter who you are 
It doesn't matter where you've been 
It doesn't matter what you've done 
Jesus is softly calling 
But because of who He is 
And because of where He's been 
Because of what He's done 
You can start all over again 

This guilty burden you have had to bear 
Has made your life so weary 
Even though others aren't aware 
Of the mountains of mistakes 
You've tried to hide 
With a smile on your face 
And a broken heart inside 


  1. I often experience the phenomenon where I have a great blog post in my mind only to have it vanish when I finally have time to sit down and write.

    Thanks for sharing the encouraging song.


  2. I love that song! Like your blog! :)


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