Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Taste of Homekeeper!!

Wshew!!  So, tonight after church we're heading up north for Thanksgiving weekend.  And, this morning we went to clean a bus. (Yes, we're back to cleaning tour buses, bl-y-eck)  And then we got back and I was joking with my mom that I feel like a mother!!  I was doing laundry and packing for our trip, making dinner for us and a friend and cleaning the kitchen, helping Hunter finish up school, and not to mention finding time to take a shower, do my hair and make-up, put my contacts in, get ready for church and such!  Wshew!!  I was cutting onions and the laundry needed switched and I had a headache coming, and I went into the laundry room exasperated and cried "I feel like a mother!!!"  lol! Anyway,
Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!!!  Have a good weekend!!

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