Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Activities and Pictures

So Friday morning we all packed up and drove to my grandparents house and spent the night there.   Sometime in the afternoon we drove over to my grandma Covey's apartment to see my aunt and uncle and get some stuff that my grandma had left us and some pictures.  Then in the evening we had a yummy dinner and some cake and ice cream and then played a game of Loaded Questions which I had gotten for my birthday which was Saturday.  Then Saturday we got up and did a few more presents and then packed up the van and got ready to go to the funeral.  We left the funeral around 5:15 and got home around 9:45.  When I finally went to bed, I laid awake for a while just thinking about everything that has taken place in my life these past months!  And then about my birthday.  Wow! I'm 19!  G-as-p! I'm so old!  I always picked on one of my best friends about being older than me, but now I feel old! lol!  I know most people reading this are like "19's not old", but trust me, I feel old!!  :-P
Anyway, here are some pictures from the weekend.  I still don't have a camera but my grandma sent us some pictures!

Opening presents Saturday morning!

My Grandma made carrot cake for me.

The tennis shoes are shoes that we had at work back in Shipshwana, and I kept telling Luke that I really liked those shoes.  They were on the clearance table, the only size they had were my size, it was like providence!  But, I left to go to Alabama and when I came back, my brother told me someone had bought them.  My brothers had gotten together and bought them for my birthday!
The other shoes are some super cute ones that I had wanted for a while too... Sooooo spoiled!! And then my older brother bought me some perfume that I had asked for.
Even though my birthday wasn't exactly what I had wanted it to be, it was still ok.  Thankful for family who knows what I'm missing and still manage to make my birthday fun!


  1. Happy birthday, Sarah!!! :) November birthdays are the BEST!!! ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah! :) Wish I could have celebrated with you. Praying for you, miss you!

  3. Thanks girls!! Sharon, November birthday's are the best!! Lauren, I wish we could have celebrated together!! Thanks for the prayers!!


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