Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Home Again

Hhhh... it's been an interesting week.  It's an experience transitioning from living in a peaceful girls dorm, to back at home with three rowdy brothers.  But oh well, that's home.   I've finished unpacking all my stuff and am settled back in my room.  And then Monday and Tuesday night we went to Bro. Oullette's church in Bridgeport to hear Bro Sam from HBBC and Paul Chappell form WCBC.  It was nice to get out and do something!
Anyone that knows me personally would know I've been an emotional wreck this past week, but it is slowly getting better.  I've just gotta keep trusting God, knowing that He'll work everything out to his perfect will.  The week's also been made more difficult with the fact that the cold I've been battling for the past two months has won.  And it really is putting me down for the count.  I hate being sick, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, yuck!
One humorous thing that's kept me laughing is that every night that we get back from church, we'll church onto our road and without fail a possum will run across the road.
Sorry, that's been a rambling post!! I'll talk to ya'll later

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Miss Me, Anyone?

Well, I guess I lied in my last post!  I found out right after posting it that they were working on a new filtering system that would block my blogger.  So, how am I posting??

Well, in the last week my life has changed drastically!!!  I had my life all planned out, telling God what His will should be for my life.  Now, I'm not saying what I thought was God's will isn't.  I don't know what God will for the rest of my life is.  But anyway, amidst all these changes and also due to some financial problems my mom, pastor and his wife, the dean of students, and my dorm mom decided that it would be best for me to sit out for the rest of the semester.  So, here I am at home.  It's quite an adjustment, but....  Mom showed up Tuesday and talked with me and some of the staff from the school talked to me about leaving.

 At first it was a surprise for me, but now I've decided to just spend this break just praying and seeking God's will.  Like I said, the life I had planned out for myself could be God's will, but it might not be.  All I know is God's will for today.  I've made lots of decisions this past year that I regret, but there are also some things that have happened that I'll never regret.

So, off I go, seeking God's will for today.  And when tomorrow comes I'll seek God's will for tomorrow.

Live life to the fullest in the moment, but remember that each moment will
add up to a life time that you will either be proud of or regret.  As you
come upon each moment, choose carefully what the fullest will be in the long run. 

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