Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Changes :)

My brother has been working these past weeks to repaint our hallway... I LOVE the new color scheme... Kind of a mint chocolate :)  White, Minty green and brown.  These pics don't nearly do any justice, esp since I didn't edit them, but it gives an idea :) 

Saturday I got into a sort of spring winter cleaning mood.  I started on my room and didn't get very far cleaning before I decided to stop and paint my nightstand to match my color scheme :)  Monday I got back into my cleaning mood and cleaned my room (which always involves intense rearranging and figuring out how to fit all my junk into my small-ish room.  I'm sure some one understands what I'm going through ;)).  Today I moved into the bathroom... I had found a lot of new cleaning tips and techniques from pinterest, so I was excited to try them and see how they worked :)  

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  1. Iknow about the small room syndrome :)

    I loved my little "closet" room; just enough space to walk around... Lots of putting stuff under my bed and high up on the shelves my Dad installed in my open closet.

    Really miss that little room, especially since my current room is not decorated or organized right now. ;/

    Hope the cleaning and organizing goes well for you!:)



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