Thursday, March 14, 2013

Over Load!!

Here are all the pics from Florida :)  I had so many that I tried grouping them into collages, just click on them to get a bigger view!
These are from the day we flew down and the day before.  We drove over to Flint the night before our flight because it left early.  But, on our way, our battery died :(  So we had to get someone to jump it enough for us to take it to Walmart and get a new battery! 

Here are some of volleyball and the sunset.

Games and food!! 

This is one of my favorite pics, lol!! 


Hunter in the pool :)

The weather all week was a little bit on the chilly side, but definitely warmer than Michigan!! 

My mom said that we all have dorky smiles for pictures so I had to prove it :) 

One day we went to a Spring training game between the Pirates and Orieles.  It was lots of fun, and the first ball game that Dakota and Hunter had been to!

The day we left was rainy, windy, and cold.  We all got bundled in our "MI" clothes and spent the morning 'exploring' the island.  

 These are on one of the main piers

Stopping at Walmart back in Michigan on the way home, Luke and I were sad to see the cold winter weather... It looks like Dakota didn't mind much at all :P


  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! Love the new look of your blog! :)

  2. I love your blog! :D Very cool background too! :)


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