Sunday, March 17, 2013


Dark is the city, no light within,
Sleep overtakes them, women and men.
But in the tower, light can be found.
There is a Watchmen guarding each sound.
See yonder danger rise as a cloud,
Take up your trumpet, blow long and loud.
Warn all the people death is at hand,
Heed now the trumpet blasting the land.
Watchman, watchman, what of the night?
When comes the morning, when comes the night?
Swift comes the morning, then it is night
Heed now the warning, prepare to fight.
But if the watchman fails to alarm,
Sounds not the trumpet when there is harm,
Lost is the city, slain ev’ry man,
But of the watchman, there’s blood on his hand.
Ye are the watchmen in this dark night,
Sin has men blinded, they have no light.
God has commanded, “Warn ev’ry man”
And of their blood, He requires at our hand.
Watchman, Watchman, what of the night?
Judgment is coming, where is your light?
Trumpet the warning to ev’ry man,
Lest he require their blood at your hand!
Watchman, Watchman, Watchman, where is your light?

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