Thursday, April 4, 2013

Update on the Easter Egg Send-out!

I had mentioned in a previous post that I had mailed out plastic Easter eggs to some of my friends this year. I thought I should do a little post with more detail and a final outcome :)
What I did was take the LARGE plastic eggs (I got everything from Walmart) and a little bit of plastic grass. The plastic grass was the hardest part when filling the egg up, because it kept poking out, lol. Then I took some little candies, you could use whatever, I used Cadbury mini chocolate eggs and some starburst jelly beans. Then I took a little piece of scrap paper and wrote a note on it for said recipient. At this point, you must be careful that you keep your eggs sorted. One of my friends got a note in their egg that was supposed to go in someone else's egg.
Once I got everything in it and it closed, I wrapped it up like crazy with tape and then taped a address label and return address, taking up as little space as possible.
When I took it to the post office, the guy looked at it and said that he wouldn't be able to send it, because the labels were to big to fit around the egg. I didn't believe him. Lol. So, I took it to another post office and asked them to try it. They were able to get both the labels on after a little work. I was psyched at this point!! So off they went!
The outcome?? One by one I got phone calls, texts, and emails that the eggs had arrived. I was anxiously awaiting for the final egg to reach its destination. At last, I got an comment on my blog that said the egg had arrived empty. Sad day. I was slightly befuddled at that point because I KNEW I had put candies in all of them. After further conversation, I realized that the egg was damaged through the trip.
Verdict: it works wonderfully. Definitely something to do again. Just don't mail it to Oklahoma. They don't like Easter eggs :)


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