Friday, November 1, 2013

What I Wore || Things That Make Me Smile

Ahh! I'm having so much trouble with this!  I dislike having my picture taken, in the first place. Secondly, I usually have to grab one of my brothers to take the picture and their not always willing!! But I will keep pressing on, even if they are few and far between!  
This is the first time I have put a scarf and a belt together on an outfit.  I did love the color scheme... I always love pink and brown/beige! What do ya'll think?
Sweater: Gifted
Skirt: Thrifted Cato
Scarf: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Gifted American Eagle
Brown flower earrings: Walmart


Things that make me smile?

:: Harvest Dinner at my friends house ::

:: Getting to know some blog friends personally ::

:: A new cleaning job (Extra money's always a blessing) :: 

:: Wondering about what my future holds ::


:: Contemplating new posts in my series that I started ::

:: Being able to catch up on my financial standings :: 

:: Life. ::


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