Saturday, May 25, 2013


More and more this week I have been hearing about everything that happened in Oklahoma this past week.  My friend, Grace, was in Moore when the tornado hit.  It was only a miracle from God that she is still alive.  They sought refuge in a local Lowe's meeting room.  After the tornado went by, they stepped outside to see the damage.  The Lowe's and a theater nearby were the only buildings left standing.  Praise God for keeping Grace and those she was with safe!  Here is a link about a news interview with her dad:  "A Real Miracle" 
Thank you to everyone out there who prayed for those in Oklahoma, Grace is just one of our friends from that area.  We are still praying for ya'll!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo challenge: Day 8

Photo challenge: Day 8- close up

I was going to do flowers but, after the storms all of ours seem a bit wilted :(. So here we are. 
Lol, I seem to be epically failing at this challenge :P 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Storms Across the Country...

I post this with a little bit of shame after hearing about what my friend in Oklahoma City went through, but here in Michigan, we got nailed too!  Although they're saying there were no tornadoes there was definitely damage enough!  They are saying that there are still risks of tornadoes in Michigan today...  Mom and I were gone yesterday, and Luke called us around 4.  They were leaving for baseball practice, it was cloudy and sprinkling, by the time they got half a block a way, they had to turn around because they couldn't see anything.  By the time they got back the driveway was flooded, power was out, and our yard looked like this:
The power didn't come on until around 3:30 this afternoon... hopefully it will stay on through these storms that are supposed to be coming this evening!!  We went out to look at the damage, and here are some of the pics I took... (lol, it seems my phone can take good pictures, unless I'm taking them for the photo challenge!) 

This was at the end of our road. 

A tree fell through this home's attic...  bummer!  I didn't get a picture, but in the trailer park, one of the trailers got totaled...  

You can kind of see where this fence was busted through... it gives evidence that there might have been a little bit of twister wind... 

This house had a tree fall right next to it, so lucky!! 

This house was enveloped with a tree... 

You can see along the sidewalk where the false front of the restaurant crumbled... you can also see where the bricks ripped through the awning!  

Panels on a church ripped off... 

A tree across this roof

Fallen tree

You can see the power lines down behind this house...

The yellow tape around more power lines

Finally, a power line tore away from this house!

Luckily, we didn't have any damage to our house, just limbs in our back yard.  We had to pine trees where the tops just snapped off... Too bad it's not Christmas :)  
Did anyone else get hit?!  

Monday, May 20, 2013

His Way is Perfect

I was listening to this song just a minute ago, and the words really spoke to me. At this point in my life I often stop and wonder what God has for me. I get discontented with where I'm at right now. This song was just what I needed. I hope it's an encouragement to everyone else. :)

When my way is dark and drear, and the future I don't know 
My heart feels so empty, as the tears unending flow. 
When my heart breaks with sorrow and a tempest fills my soul.  
This one thing I know for sure my God is in control. 

His way is perfect, His way is perfect. 
Though I don't understand his wise and loving plan. 
His way is perfect, his way is perfect. 
Take my life and make a vessel purified. 
God makes no mistakes his way is best. 

When the toils of life are come and my heart is worn with care
I faint neath the burden of a cross I cannot bear. 
When the joy has departed from my sorrow stricken soul
This one thing I know for sure, my God is in control!

His way is perfect, His way is perfect. 
Though I don't understand his wise and loving plan. 
His way is perfect, his way is perfect. 
Take my life and make a vessel purified. 
God makes no mistakes his way is best. 

God makes no mistakes his way is best.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Photo Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Silhouette
Ok, so I don't exactly know what a silhouette picture is, but this is as close as it gets. My brothers and I were playing clue, so I snapped this pic :) 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Photo Challenge: Day 5 and 6

Photo Challenge: Day 5~Whatever You Want

Photo Challenge: Day 6~From a Low Angle 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Graduation and Photo Challenge: Day 3

I told ya'll that I wouldn't keep up to date with the photo challenge... lol!!  I forgot to take a pic of "My Favorite Place" which is Day 3... and so I fell behind :(  anywho, I got all the pics that my grandparents took at Luke's and Christian's graduation, so I thought I would post them, and since they were at church which is my favorite place to go, they work :)
The Cake

Photos and favorite verse by the card box... Christian had one similar, but I don't have a picture of it! 

Yours Truly!! Lol

Pastor and Dr. and Mrs. Green...  (pastor was helping him with the mic) 

Christian and Luke

Singing "The Word" 

The guys hanging out in the back...  

Christian giving his testimony

Singing again... these are apparently out of order ;) 

Receiving the diploma

Praying over the graduates

Luke giving his testimony

preparing to give the diplomas

This week, we've started getting ready for VBS in June... we're doing a military theme, and everything is all coming together!
Thursday we drove up to my grandparents to spend a few days helping get their place in order for the summer, it was freezing cold when we put the dock in the water, but other than that not to bad!! The only bad part was when I dropped my phone in the dog's water bowl (of ALL places) :(  but I tried it this morning, and it worked :)  YIPPEE!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Photo Challenge: Day 2

Day #2: What You Wore Today
I found this idea for a pedicure on Pinterest, I was so excited when it worked!! 
My grandma gave me this cute scarf a few weeks ago, and I finally found a shirt to wear with it :). 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Photo Challenge Day #1

Day #1: Yourself 

I decided I could do this photo challenge at my own pace!  I've always wanted to do one, but I've been afraid to commit to posting EVERY day!! So hopefully I'll keep this challenge up to date, and I won't scare any of my readers away with my atrocious photography skills. My photographer friend might have some words for me though :)

Edit* I'll probably be taking most of these pics with my phone so if the quality is really bad, that's my excuse ;) I don't claim to be a professional photographer AT ALL!! Lol

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Justice Met Grace

Grace and Justice were their names,
Different as the night and day.
Never once could those two meet, it could not be.
Justice met the laws demands;
Grace reached out a loving hand,
And through the years they seemed to be two enemies.

Would Grace and Justice ever meet? 
Would they ever both agree?
Would there ever be a time,
Both were satisfied?

One day 'neath the rugged cross,
Justice seemed quite at a loss.
"The wage of sin is death," he said,
Behold the dead.
Grace was there she bowed her head,
Saw the empty tomb and said,
"The gift of God is eternal life
Behold the Life".

So Grace and Justice met that day,
kneeling there beneath the stains.
Oh though blessed hallowed place;
Justice met Grace.

Yes, Grace and Justice met that day!
Satisfied they went their ways.
Oh thou blessed hallowed place;
Justice Met Grace.

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