Tuesday, January 14, 2014

25 Things I Want to do Before My Next Birthday || Writing Challenge

  1. Finish being 20
  2. Have a successful Spring Recital
  3. Start planning a Winter Recital
  4. Lead more people to the Lord
  5. Work more
  6. Get more piano students
  7. Get more cleaning jobs
  8. See my lost family get saved
  9. See my backslidden family come back to Christ
  10. Grow in Christ
  11. Exercise more
  12. Go skiing
  13. Go to Camp
  14. Play Volleyball ^_^
  15. Go to Alabama 
  16. Go to Virginia
  17. Hold my nephew
  18. Build my friendships
  19. Make more friends
  20. I was gonna be all spiritually patient, but my brother said I should put >start courting someone<
  21. Get better at piano
  22. Blog more
  23. Celebrate everybody else's birthday
  24. Take more photos
  25. Get more "crafty", and build my recipe collection!


  1. Those are all good! ;) And you even got more than 10! :P

    1. Thanks Hannah :) lol, yes! It was difficult, but my mom and brothers helped me! I'm telling you tho, some of the topics in this challenge are ridiculous, lol!

    2. Hey if you do go to Alabama, we should totally meet somewhere! ;)

    3. Yes!! Last summer I flew into New Orleans so we drove right by a bsl exit. You'll have to get to know Rachel Carson at basketball games, I try to visit them every summer. :) I'm still not sure how this year will work tho! :)

    4. I figured your friend was Rachel Carson, lol! Believe it or not, she and my sister Emma got to be pretty good friends through Pinterest! I look forward to meeting her, it'll prob be in Feb. :)

    5. Lol, cue "it's a small world after all"
      That's neat!! They used to live in Michigan too, but you probably already know that ;) her and her sister are my best friends we've known each other since we were 6 years old :)

    6. Wow, that's really cool! :) I didn't actually know they were from MI, it seems like everyone's from there, lol!

    7. Lol, I didn't use to think that but now it does seem like it!


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