Friday, March 7, 2014

Goals For Next Month || Writing Challenge

• recover quickly! I had wisdom teeth removed this morning and am feeling a little off!  I'm hoping to be back on track by Sunday :)
• spring cleaning. Spend at least an hour a day deep cleaning in different rooms. 
• clean out my closet. Switch out my winter clothes for spring and summer. Hopefully the weather permits!  It was over 40 degrees today, but I didn't get to enjoy it much! 
• meet this little guy:
This is Jesse's baby boy, Timothey Shuster. He was born yesterday morning :) 
• finish planning and have an epic recital on April 1st. 
• go skiing one more time. 
• find an Easter outfit :) ( this one will probably go into April too ) 

What are some goals you have? What are some things you do to get ready for spring?


  1. Hey Sarah!! Ohhhhh.. I know just what you're going through. I had my wisdom teeth out a few years ago. Did you get put out or just laughing gas? I just did the laughing gas. I wasn't laughing much afterwards though! :P I looked like Alvin Chipmunk for a day or two. I'll pray for you to get better soon!
    My goals are to sew a bunch of clothes for myself - I want to have a wardrobe that consists mainly of handmade clothes. Also, to get better at the piano! I just need to practice a. lot.

    1. Great goals :). I was put out with an iv. I just had the bottom two taken out, and everyone says that you swell more with the top ones. Thanks for the prayers :)

    2. Ah okay. Yeah - that would definitely be better than all of them! Eat lots of ice cream shakes and mac n cheese! :-)

    3. Haha, yes :) I had some shakes earlier but apparently eating doesn't bode well for me :(

  2. Awwwwww!!! Timothey's adorable!!! ;))

    1. He looks just like his older sister did when she was born :) both of his sisters are cuties

  3. Ouch! Getting your wisdom teeth out sounds so painful. I really hope mine can stay where they are. LOL.
    The baby is adorable.:)

    1. It definitely sounds more painful than it actually is, especially under sedation. I don't remember anything about the procedure! But, to the same time, it's not something I would wish for anyone to have to go through lol!


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