Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How Do I Envision My Life To Be || Writing Challenge

Oh this is my favorite. I love to dream about the future and what my life will be like. Sometimes my mom says I do it a little too much :) 
For the future, I'd envision myself to be married with a lot of kids. Like, seriously, a lot! I want 12, but we'll see how that goes. :) I definitely want to homeschool my children, and as much as I'm able, continue teaching piano as well. 
I've never been "called" to be anything in particular (i.e. A pastor's wife, etc.) but I do envision myself as a pastor's wife. I also have a small desire to have a couple of small farm yard animals (particularly, sheep and goats) but again, we'll see how that goes. 
Most importantly, I see myself desiring to serve God the best I can. 

What are some of your dreams for the future? 


  1. Kids...lots of them!!! Living on our small farm,serving and loving the Lord beside my husband. :)

    1. Sounds like a plan! :) wanting lots of kids seems to be popular now, I'm glad I'm not alone haha!

  2. A wonderful husband, 5 kids, or more if the Lord gives them, and a ranch out in the country. Wherever the Lord wants me! I love dreaming about the future too! :-)

    1. Do you get bugged a lot about being single Esther? My friend at church didn't get married until she was 26 and people were always trying to get married. It didn't take very long for me to 'come of age' after she got married, and now everyone has focused on me, lol! All the grandmothers here have the most wonderful grandson, so I'm told anyway ;)

    2. That's supposed to say get *her* married ;)

    3. Esther, I accidentally deleted your comment (cue eye roll for my impossible thumbs).
      It seems that no matter what a girl does these days there are always critics! We just have to stick through following God's will! I get a fair amount of pressure for quiting college, and I use to get pressure for not working to, although I've been able to find enough "work at home" jobs to fix that. Thankfully the people that matter the most to me ( my mom and Pastor's family) back me 100%! :)

  3. :-) I do that too - or delete my own comment before I send it like just now :(!! But yes - you're right - there are always people opposing what we do when we're living for the Lord. If not, the Christian life would be a bed of roses! But yes - my parents, pastor and a select few others do support me, so I'm very glad of that! :-)


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