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I do not agree with everything that is said on these blogs listed.  To see my beliefs and where I stand please see my post: What I Believe

Dixie n Dottie

Feminine Modesty

Its a Beautiful Life

just. plain. Madness.
true love never dies

*It's a Wonderful Life*

Along Life's Long Winding Road

Bontrager Family Singers

Brooke's Insights

Clinging to Love

curiously simple

Daughter of Jehovah-Nissi

Enjoying the Journey

Ever Joyful

Fairchilds in Alaska

Feigned Sincerity

French Elegance

Fresh from the Chari Tree

Happily Ever After...

Hidden Hollows

Hues of Madness

I Have Been Blessed

In The Moment

 Jack and Nicole

Living Our Love

Maggie's Moments

Mary's Musings

McDonnell Family Blog

Michelle Lynn

Moore Praise To God

Musings of a Country Girl

Particularly Hannah

Poems, Thoughts, and Quotes

Rachel Et Cetera

Rays of Sunshine for Christ

 Seek Ye First

Seeking Him First

Serving the Lord Together

Southern Ramblings...

Sweet Tea and Buttermilk

The Blog of VirGINIa K.

The Blue Tree House

The Hicks Family

The Lange Gang

The Life of A Country Girl

The Magic of Ordinary Days


  1. Hey Sarah!

    I hope you don't mind that I found your blog. :) We read some of the same blogs!!! Did you know that Kali [from It's a Wonderful Life] and Maggie [from Maggie's Moment's] came to visit at the beginning of this semester. Crazy, small world!!

    Come visit me sometime over at my blog. :)

  2. Rebecca,
    Was that during Volleyball Marathon? I saw them and thought that they looked familiar, but I couldn't place where I had seen them before. That's neat, definitely a small world ;)!!
    Thanks for visiting :)


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