Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Something That I Regret Not Doing in the Past Year || Writing Challenge

I find this one to be extremely difficult... I'm not really sure... There are the usual, albeit very legit responses like not having as close of a walk with God as I should have... Not being as good of a witness as I should have... Etc... But I'm trying to think of others... 
• budgeting- up until August of this past summer I was never able to figure out a good budget that I could stick to.  I wish I had started before that point, I feel much more in control of my finances now!! 
•running- but I do have a valid excuse for this one. I had tried to start running this summer and as soon as I did I started experiencing health problems. 
•working on practicing and learning more piano! 
•spending time with my brothers. 
•kept a "journal" of some key points of the year! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Something That Excites Me and Fills Me With Joy || Writing Challenge

  • My future... I'm so glad that God holds my future!  It helps me to have a peace when I struggle with where I'm at.
  • Little babies... I love all the little ones that are around!! It seems everyone is having or has a little one!! 
  • Music...  Music is honestly my passion... It's my career, my hobby, my ministry, and my pleasure!  If I'm not playing the piano, I will be humming, whistling, singing, or listening to music.  Love it!
  • Summer...  summer excites me, I hate hate winter...

What is something that excites you?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Relationship to Food || Writing Challenge

This one makes me laugh... seriously? My relationship to food?  It gives me life each day... this is really weird.  I like food, but I'm not necessarily what one would call a "foodie"  Actually food and I have a shaky relationship, sometimes I can't get enough of it and other times I can live without it... lol!!  its like something I saw on Pinterest... Some days I go without eating and other days I eat enough for myself and half of Africa... lol!!! 

What is your favorite food??

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Someone I've Always Wanted to Meet || Writing Challenge

I've always wanted to meet my online friends... as I've stated before, I have a lot of them... I mean, like, a lot!  
I've always wanted to meet.... my future husband LOL!  
I've always wanted to meet... the HBBC tour groups... Well, not really meet them, but hear them sing in person.  I've heard GloryBound before and Witness!'s piano player this year is one of my best friends, but I'd love to hear Assurance and Witness! sing!  
I'm struggling with this one...

Who is someone you've always wanted to meet?  Has there been someone you've dreamed of meeting and have been able to?  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Someone You Miss || Writing Challenge

Awww.... this is perfect.  After a few days of precious niece time, we took May back to her parents tonight!  It was definitely fun to have a baby in the house again, and we all miss her so much!  
Plus, I miss my grandma... she passed away over a year ago.
I miss quite a few friends... Grace and Rachel, Sarah, my roommates from college...
I miss Christian, the little boy I used to babysit.  
I miss my bed... I've been away from it to long... it's calling my name... 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Something Unusual || Writing Challenge

I can't think of anything unusual... Life is pretty usual...  ummm.....
Tonight was sweet... my niece has been staying with us for a few days and my mom was gone tonight, so I had precious time with May.  She had to have an early bath, and that made her sleepy, so she was cranky through dinner, but after that all she wanted to do was cuddle.  It was so sweet.  She loves to just sit in my lap and snuggle, and I love holding her!  It seems like cuddly babies are few and far between anymore!  She fell asleep at one point and I went to lay her down which woke her up.  After that she still cuddled for a while before rolling over and pulling her blanket over her face to play peek-a-boo.  I think there is nothing I love more than cuddling with little ones, and it's not an every day occurrence! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Weather || Writing Challenge

This one is very easy... I can describe it in one word - Cold!!  Ever since the new year, the weather has been up and down.  Right away we had wind chill temps near -30 degrees, and then it warmed up the next week to 30 degrees.  This week it's supposed to be between 10-20 degrees with some windchill and low negative numbers.  
I am not any where near any sort of winter person.  I like it warm, I always have the car turned up as high as it can!   

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Favorite Thing To Do Right Now || Writing Challenge

I almost missed today! That's why everything changed- I wasn't able to get on the computer so I'm doing it on my phone. At least I still did it! :) 
Hmmm... I have a lot of favorite things! Lol!
•Texting and emailing friends! 
•Thinking on how to improve things. There are quite a few things I've been "chewing" on. I guess you could say it's like New Years resolutions, but I've never actually done those, haha!  I've been putting together a rewards program for my piano students and that was fun to think through! I've also been thinking about ways to improve my blog. Do y'all have anything that you'd like to see?? Leave a comment or send me a message!  
• play the piano. It's always my favorite thing to do. When I was a little girl my mom never had to get on to me for practicing, just for not practicing what I needed to practice! 
• watching Jostie Flicks on youtube. Some of them are absolutely hilarious! 

Those are just a few things!  

Saturday, January 18, 2014

5 Things From My Bucket List || Writing Challenge

Well, to be totally honest, I keep my bucket list on Pinterest and it has 65 pins to it.  I'd have to say at least half of them have to do with getting married and having my future kiddos.  I mean seriously?  What girl doesn't dream of that?!  But I shall try to spare you from all that! 
  • Mattress Surfing!!  We have the perfect set up at the camp we take our teens to, maybe someday I'll convince the other counselors to go with me on this :) 
  • Be able to run a mile easily.  I've been wanting to do this ever since college... for Phys Ed we had to run/walk so much each week and my friend was great at running, so I'd be along side her dying.  Last year I tried it again, and was getting somewhat good at it, until some health problems came up.  I'll try again this summer though!
  • Meet my online friends.  I'd have to say that I have more online friends than friends I've met in person.  Or at least very close!!  
  • Own a grand piano.  That and have my own music studio to teach in are big dreams for me!!  Our church is praying about building an extension and opening a school, and I told them that if they do that, I get a room for a music studio.  I actually do have a baby grand piano at the church... well, I claim it as mine anyway.  
  • Learn how to play the flute.  At college, my roommate had a flute that she allowed me to borrow, and I asked another friend to teach me how to play.  We managed to get in one lesson, between busy schedules and such.  I'm kind of half watching for a flute I can buy and teach myself.  We'll see what happens.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Siblings || Writing Challenge

  • Sean; My older brother.  Sean is in the Army, and was over in Afghanistan for a few months in 2012.  
  • Lucas; I'm in between Sean and Luke.  Luke is 19 years old, and graduated in 2012.  Now he is working for a shoe store, and is working towards opening his own soon!  He is meanwhile studying Pastoral Theology through online courses. 
  • Dakota; next youngest.  Dakota is 14 years old and is in 9th grade.  He is the writer of the family and randomly keeps a blog updated HERE
  • Hunter; the baby of the family.  Hunter is 11 years old and in 5th grade.  He's still working on developing his personal tastes and hobbies!  
There you have it, my four brothers... I have a strong habit of "adopting" people... I have a lot of brothers and sisters that are only so because I say so, lol!!  There are even adults in my life that are like parents to me!  I would be here all night trying to list all of those, past, present, and future!  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Someone Who Doesn't Live in My Country || Writing Challenge


I had to think about this one a lot, but once I got some ideas it all came to me!  
  • When I was young, I had a pen pal that lived in Belgium.  Our grandpas had worked together and that was our connection!  I honestly couldn't tell you very much about Belgium anymore.
  • When I was in college, my room mate was a foreign student from Belarus.  She and her brother had been adopted by a missionary family.  It was definitely fun to get used to her and to learn about her life in Europe!  I remember, my first thought about her was how much I loved her accent!  She was a sophomore, so had been there a year before I came.  When she had first come to America she couldn't speak any English.  When I heard about her trip from Belarus, it was amazing!  I couldn't imagine leaving my family to come to a strange place with a strange language!  I learned a little bit about her culture and even some of her language.  I can sing "Hallelu, Praise Ye The Lord" in Belarus!! Lol!  
  • Of course, then we have all the missionaries I've met!  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3 Things I Like About My Personality || Writing Challenge

Oh, goodness... these are some difficult topics!  Three things I like about my personality...
  • I'm very loyal.  Once I consider you a friend, it will take a lot to break that friendship on my part!  There may be friendships that I have broken because I don't feel like it's a good friendship for me, spiritually speaking, but other than that I'm generally always anxious to reestablish a friendship.
  • I'm very competitive.  This is not necessarily a good character trait at all times, but it pushes me to achieve new levels.  I was thinking the other day that if it wasn't for my competitive spirit when I was a kid, I wouldn't be a pianist now! 
  • I'm self-critical.  Again, a character trait that isn't necessarily considered a good one, and one that I need to work on controlling, but it helps me to be honest with myself.  Although I talk about my strengths and weaknesses to very, very few people, I tend to be able to point them out to myself... Often late at night when I can't sleep... haha :)  
So there ya go!  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

25 Things I Want to do Before My Next Birthday || Writing Challenge

  1. Finish being 20
  2. Have a successful Spring Recital
  3. Start planning a Winter Recital
  4. Lead more people to the Lord
  5. Work more
  6. Get more piano students
  7. Get more cleaning jobs
  8. See my lost family get saved
  9. See my backslidden family come back to Christ
  10. Grow in Christ
  11. Exercise more
  12. Go skiing
  13. Go to Camp
  14. Play Volleyball ^_^
  15. Go to Alabama 
  16. Go to Virginia
  17. Hold my nephew
  18. Build my friendships
  19. Make more friends
  20. I was gonna be all spiritually patient, but my brother said I should put >start courting someone<
  21. Get better at piano
  22. Blog more
  23. Celebrate everybody else's birthday
  24. Take more photos
  25. Get more "crafty", and build my recipe collection!

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Day In Detail || Writing Challenge

I might just say now that these posts aren't necessarily for your enjoyment, although I do hope ya'll are enjoying them.  Some of them might be rather dull, others full of interesting information!  I'm doing this so I can improve my writing and to fill time while I'm praying about where I want my blog to go this year! 

  • Family Breakfast and Prayer Time
  • Personal Devotions  
           (Last year I started following a reading plan that I really enjoy!  It's a little confusing to try to explain, but definitely one that I would suggest! It takes you through the Old Testament once, Psalms twice, and the New Testament twice, going through Acts-Revelations a third time.  At the end of the year it also takes you to key verses for the Messianic Prophesies, the accounts of Christ's birth, and verses from the life of Christ.  You can find more information about them HERE. I also read a chapter from Proverbs and a daily devotional.  Just last week I started reading a book entitled The Proverbs 31 Woman - One Virtue At A Time from Women Living Well.  I don't agree with everything related to this site and/or book, including the *perversion* of the Bible they use, but they do also have a lot of help in being a Virtuous Woman!  It focuses more on being a good wife to your husband, but so far I've gotten quite a bit of help both for the here and now and preparing for the future!! ) 
  • Social site check-up (Pinterest, Email, Blogger)
  • Shower, etc...
  • Help mom clean the house
         (Usually we both just keep working until the house is clean and then go to our own jobs and duties.  But there are times when either one of us is gone working, or we have something else pressing where the other will do the cleaning.  This also includes laundry usually Monday-Wednesday/Thursday-ish, and that goes all day!)
  • Work through my weekly to-do list
          (This includes a lot of different things.  For example, today I spent an hour doing online surveys {my way of getting a little extra spending :)} and then spent some time working on finding music for my piano students, and letter writing.  It can also include lesson planning for both piano lessons and tutoring, specific cleaning jobs I want to do, things I want to work on for church, and any other things that I might feel like putting down :) Also, it is throughout this time that I usually try to schedule my piano lessons and tutoring sessions, etc.)
  • Once all the work is done, I usually get back on Blogger and Pinterest for a while... 
  • Dinner
  • Dinner Clean-up/family time
            (This usually involves watching a movie or playing a game... it's not usually anything set, and usually I use this time to practice piano.  My family, naturally, loves it when I play on the piano while they're watching something, lol!) 
  • Sometime around 10, we have a prayer time together... This usually ends up in a last expulsion of energy, I'm sure you get the picture!  
  • Then it's bed prep!  Washing faces, brushing teeth... a workout, and reading.  I feel very lucky if my lights are out by 11:30, but that's the privilege of having my own room :) 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Something I Look Forward to in the Next 12 Months || Writing Challenge

This one's a little tough... some things that I'm looking forward to for 2014
  • Growing in the Lord
  • Reading my Bible through
  • A spring recital for my piano students
  • Time spent with my Bubbie (maybe baby/housesitting again :o)
  • My nephew, Kyle, being born
  • Aforementioned Bubbie's cousin being born
  • Camp in July
  • All the different things we do at church throughout the year!  I love being at church, no matter what for.  We are often the last ones to leave after fellowshipping with my pastor, his wife, and their son, and I love just sitting there listening to the conversations!
  • Whatever God has in store for my life!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Basic Things About Yourself || Writing Challenge

Hi there!! :)  I realized as of late that all my posts start with "ok, so"... I was looking at them and thinking how weird is that?!  Anyway, I shall try to avoid that from now on!  

Here I am again with a blogging challenge... last year I succeeded in 1, and failed in 1... one wouldn't say that I'm the most persistent blogger.  But, here I am again.  I think this one should be easy, and interesting!  

This first one is somewhat redundant... most of my readers know the basic things about me!  And if you don't and want to know more you can check out my About Page to learn more.

  • I'm 20 years old
  • I graduated from homeschool in 2011 and studied Sacred Music at Fairhaven Baptist College for a year
  • I'm an Independent Fundamental Baptist... I believe in the KJV Bible, Courtship, and Modesty
  • I teach piano to 5 students aging from 6 to... well, older :)  I also tutor a 10 year old, and have a weekend cleaning job!
  • I attend Northwoods Baptist Church and enjoy serving in music, sunday schools and junior churches, nursery, and soulwinning ministries
  • I don't like winter
  • I'm an introvert.  Sort of.  Until I get to know you.
  • I'm a very trusting person, which sometimes gets me in trouble.  I hate confrontation, but I'll do it if it means defending my faith, family, or friends
  • I don't have a "calling" in life, but I most definitely have a purpose!  I desire to live my life in a way that brings glory to God and is a light to others.  
  • "I may not be the person I once was, but praise God, I'm not the person I used to be." 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blog Survey Results

Ok, so I've finally gotten around to compiling all the results from the survey I did! I had 21 responses, actually, it was just 20 for quite a while, and I figured no one else was going to take it so I stopped checking, and then got on today to get the results and, yay! Someone else had taken it!  I have to admit, this post has been on my 'to-do list' for two weeks... it's been busy around here! :)  
  It was definitely interesting to see all the results! They inspired me to think more about what I was doing with my blog, so there may or may not be changes coming soon, who knows! :)  Ok *Drumroll please... Survey says:
Ok, so I have to be totally honest with this one... I forced my brother into taking this survey so I could have 1, ONE male reader!  But, ya know what?   That's totally ok!  My little female following and I can keep to our girly topics! Right?!  

I'm glad that people my age are reading, I'd be pretty intimidated if only 30+ year olds were reading my blog!  

I learned that I should definitely be promoting my blog more on Pinterest!  

Ok, so the results for two questions (favorite and least favorite) really kind of took me by surprise and challenged me to think about what I was writing!  Modesty is definitely the top subject, it had been right from the beginning! Courtship was it's only competition.  And then "My Life" in third!  Lol, I always thought I was boring ya'll with my life!! 
And then the least favorites.... my brothers got quite a laugh when they found out that my life was someone's least favorite ;)!!  I was kind of disappointed (or stupid) because I couldn't figure out how to see what people had put when they selected "other"!  Obviously, quotes and sermons are not a favorite... but I'll probably keep up with them anyway.  I like them and they can be an encouragement when you need them :) 


Ok... so 3 people didn't care how often I posted... hmph! haha, oh well... 

This next one wasn't in the survey ya'll took... this is my response to the survey!!   

For realz!  I love it when people let me know what they're thinking!  I don't even mind criticism, as long as it's constructive and not just rude!  comment, Comment, COMMENT! 

Finally, here are some of the comments I received through the survey!  I'll tell you this: if you took my survey, you are epic!  If you left a comment, you are officially on my "awesome reader" list... If you left your name you made it to my "Favorite reader list"... because I knew your name and could put you there.... 

Love your blog!! 
~Samantha C.

I absolutely love your blog (and all the things you post on Pinterest)!! Thanks for being such an encouragement!!

Love your blog, Sarah!  It's always encouraging, cheerful, interesting, never boring to read ;p, and most of all straight down the line Biblical.  Keep it up!!!
~Hannah S.

No real changes needed... you do a nice job... keep up the great work!!

Love the blog so keep it up! :)

Keep up the good work!

I have been following you on Pinterest for a while now and just now realize you have a blog. I am glad to find it.
~Carrie C. 

 I plan on keeping the survey open, so if anyone missed it, go ahead a take it....  Like I said, I always love getting feedback from my readers!  

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Pictures and Two What I Wore Outfits :)

Ok, so get ready for a lot of pictures!! :)

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve morning my brother Sean, and his family came over and spent the day with us.  Later that evening, my grandma and grandpa showed up.  We had a great day :)

Luke and my niece, May

Presents for the kiddos :) 

All the guys takin' care of May

Sean and my nephew, Johnnathan

Watching Youtube

May and Johnnathan

Opening Presents
We did the presents for the kids, Sean, and my sis-in-law that night, plus one for my grandparents from all of us.  

Oh yes, Aunt Sarah is so much fun, buying you clothes for Christmas :) 

We all went together and bought my grandparents a kuerig... I think it's safe to say that they enjoyed it! 

Christmas Day
The next day, my grandparents came over and we opened presents in the morning, and then after dinner we all headed over to the hotel that they were staying at for just a little bit before Church.  My grandparents came to church with us that evening, and then afterwards we went back and spent some more time at the hotel.  

I think we were all still asleep... 

The boys all got ties... 

I made my grandpa a photo/poem gift, it was very special to both of us :) 

Despicable Me 2

Taking a nap after presents.  :) 


Ok, here are my two outfits.  The first one I wore on Christmas, and the second one I just wore the other day... 

Scarf: Meg's Closet (Local store)~ $6
Shirt: Gifted
Skirt: Thrifted~ $2
Shoes: Walmart
Earrings: Walmart~ $3

Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Gifted
Tank Top: Walmart~ $3
Belt: Gifted
Necklace and Earring Set: Walmart
Shoes: Gifted

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